Who is Rolf?

Rolf Ericson has 48 years of business experience with over 32 years in ceramics. A graduate of Stockholm School of Economics, Rolf climbed the executive ladder in multinational companies located in Sweden, Spain and the US, until he bought a ceramic business in 1977 in Upstate New York. He started his career many decades ago with General Motors and then became an executive at Atlas Copco, the world’s largest compressed air machine manufacturer.

Rolf expanded his business to become a major manufacturer of ceramic products such as earthenware and porcelain slip, stoneware slip and clays, cast and pressed stoneware bisque shapes, plaster molds, glazes, china paints and other related products. He also learned the fundamentals of casting, throwing, glazing, decorating and china painting to be able to relate to the challenges of his customers.

Now retired, Rolf is sharing his unique insight into small business, with special focus on the business of ceramics. He has written business-advice books, newsletters, and magazine articles, read by hundreds of studios over the past three decades.

In this series of articles, Rolf starts with basic subjects and then leads you to a full array of insights into how to structure, build and expand your business. He provides valuable information to ceramic artists, helping the reader to gain stability, growth and profitability for the very long term.

Rolf, a native of Sweden, and has lived with his family in the United States since 1970.

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