This Ceramic Business e-book helps you succeed

It's not easy to operate any business successfully over a long period of time.

Yet, that is what you promise yourself to do when you are managing your ceramic business - and what you promised yourself to do before opening your own ceramic studio. If you are totally convinced you can do this without help, that is great. If there is even a shadow of doubt, would you feel better if you had trustworthy support on your side to learn from and consult with?

The future cannot be predicted. You can plan for it with great intelligence, but you cannot control which challenges will arise. When you buy a house you take out insurance in case of an unforeseeable event. Why may you think that some form of insurance would not be required in the tough world of business?

My point is that if you strive for success in your ceramic business, in good and not-so-good economic climates, you may need expert help from time to time. What if there is an experienced expert with an experienced team behind him for you to learn from? Someone who can answer your questions and who would be available to help you personally? Would that not make you sleep better at night?

In big business, executives have access to sophisticated support structures. In the small ceramic studio business, an ongoing, responsive support such as the one I am planning is hard to find. I will explain to you how I plan to structure this support.

Rolf EricsonI am Rolf Ericson and want you to get to know me. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as a degree in economics from Stockholm School of Economics. I started my career many decades ago with General Motors and then became an executive at Atlas Copco, the world's largest compressed air machine manufacturer.

I worked in several countries before I decided to "be my own" and bought a distributorship of ceramic products here in the US. In the following 30 years, I turned this small business into a multimillion dollar manufacturer of a very broad range of ceramic products for the ceramic art industries. I built a distribution network in 12 countries and worked directly with and lectured to hundreds of small studios - a job which I really enjoyed.

After retiring I decided to write a book for people that could benefit from my experience - owners of ceramic studios.

Thus, my e-book "Successful Ceramics" was started. It is a work in progress and will remain that way for a very long time. You may have read it or parts of it. Now, I want to go beyond just the written word - I am planning personal support for you.

I want your business to be a winner and consistently make money, in good and bad times.

I will get back with more of my plans to realize this goal. Soon I will present part two to you of what I have in mind.

I look forward very much to talking to you then.



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