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Become an even more successful owner of your ceramic studio – read and let these inspirational articles pave your way to long term profits.


Tweet Successful Ceramic Studio  FOREWORD Clay is one of the most commonly found materials used by mankind. Its history goes back tens of thousand of years. The exact date of its origin, when man mixed clay and water, formed it and heated it, is lost in history. We know, though, from the shards and items […]


Tweet   Successful Ceramic Studio  Why a book on ceramic studio business? Well, there are many reasons, the most important being that when you are an entrepreneur, working 12 hours or more a day and being up to your neck in one’s daily challenges, there is often little time to consider basic questions about your […]

Chapter One. Welcome to Successful Ceramics

Tweet                                                   Face  your business challenges.    All of us involved in ceramics as a business know how fascinating, challenging and, yes addictive, it is. Ceramics, in all its embodiments can be technically complicated so the learning curve can be steep and long and really never ending. It’s creative, rewarding and highly satisfying. It opens a […]

[Chapter for Premium Members] Selling or closing down your ceramic business

Tweet Chapter 32 We have earlier touched on the sensitive issue of how to deal with the fact that – one day – your business will either be closed or sold (Refer to chapter 30: “Will your ceramic business last forever?”). This issue is where I see most ceramic studios, in fact, most small businesses in […]

Creating outstanding customer service in your ceramic business

Tweet So far, in this book on successful ceramics, we have dealt with customer service several times. But the activity itself has been hidden within other chapters, such as marketing, your business plan, your finely tuned promotions, your hiring criteria and others, but we have not focused a chapter exclusively on this subject – your […]

Will your ceramic business last forever?

Tweet CHAPTER  30 This chapter sets the frame for your general approach to how to structure your management of what you should consider as the “indefinite” time line for your ceramic business. As an owner of a pottery, a teaching ceramic studio, a specialty ceramic studio, a PYOP  (Paint Your Own Pottery) studio, a ceramic […]

Keep that fire in your belly burning

Tweet As an entrepreneur, you have shown that you have strength, belief in yourself, skills and endurance. What is the most important trait? I will get back to that later in this chapter. Another question – what is the most common characteristic amongst those peers that have most success? I will come back to that […]

[Chapter for Premium Members] Promotion, Part Three: A Crucially Important Part of Your Open House: The Follow-up

Tweet Promotion, Part Three: A Crucially Important Part of Your Open House: The Follow-up Scenario: It’s Monday morning, the first day of the week after your open house. Yesterday, Sunday, was pure relaxation, re-establishing your balance and giving you some perspective.  Now follows the final and closing chapter of your Open House. The Follow-Up  True […]

Part two. Successful execution of your Open House

Tweet Successful execution of your Open House On the morning of the day for the Open House, you, along with your employees and temporary assistants (if any) arrive two hours early – before the actual event opens. You gather everyone around you for a final review of everybody’s special assignments. Check your notebook and go […]

Ceramic Studio Promotions Part One

Tweet Promotion: “The act of furthering the growth and development of the sale and acceptance of merchandise through advertising, publicity or discounting.”  Webster’s Dictionary. Your ceramic studio’s best low-cost promotion – an Open House (OH) We live in a society of continuous bombardment with arguments why we should buy, accept or rent, well, something. This […]